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Wheaton Park District soccer schedules

The standard WIA rules apply to playoff and championship games, however there is more detailed information on the home page for length of game and penalty kick procedures for tie games.

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8-10 Boys:

6-7 Schedule and Game Results

Sat08/2510:15 AMLions ParkVolcanoesThunder
Sat08/2511:30 AMLions ParkMeteorsFireball
Sat09/0810:15 AMLions ParkThunderMeteors
Sat09/0811:30 AMLions ParkVolcanoesFireball
Sat09/1510:15 AMLions ParkThunderFireball
Sat09/1511:30 AMLions ParkVolcanoesMeteors
Sat09/2210:15 AMLions ParkMeteorsFireball
Sat09/2211:30 AMLions ParkVolcanoesThunder
Sat09/2910:15 AMLions ParkThunderFireball
Sat09/2911:30 AMLions ParkVolcanoesMeteors
Sat10/0610:15 AMLions ParkVolcanoesFireball
Sat10/0611:30 AMLions ParkThunderMeteors
Sat10/1310:15 AMLions ParkMeteorsFireball
Sat10/1311:30 AMLions ParkVolcanoesThunder
Sat10/2010:15 AMLions ParkVolcanoesMeteors
Sat10/2011:30 AMLions ParkThunderFireball

Play-offs for 8-10 Boys will be on 10/27 and 11/3.

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