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8-10 Boys:

8-10 Boys Schedule and Game Results

DayDateTimeFieldVisitorHomeV ScoreH Score
Sat08/241:45 PMPrairie TrailRed BullsRevolution 
Sat08/243:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyDynamo 
Sat09/0711:45 AMPrairie TrailDynamoRed Bulls63
Sat09/071:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyRevolution87
Sat09/1411:45 AMPrairie TrailDynamoRevolution63
Sat09/141:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyRed Bulls47
Sat09/2111:45 AMPrairie TrailRed BullsRevolution 
Sat09/211:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyDynamo 
Sat09/2811:45 AMPrairie TrailDynamoRevolution 
Sat09/281:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyRed Bulls 
Sat10/0511:45 AMPrairie TrailDynamoRed Bulls 
Sat10/051:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyRevolution 
Sat10/1211:45 AMPrairie TrailRed BullsRevolution82
Sat10/121:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyDynamo53
Sat10/1911:45 AMPrairie TrailDynamoRevolution 
Sat10/191:00 PMPrairie TrailGalaxyRed Bulls 

Play-offs for 8-10 Boys will be on 10/26 and 11/2.

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