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A Quick overview of the WIA baseball leagues:

T-Ball: 4-5 Year Old
-Hit ball off a tee
-Three innings
-No Score kept
-Players remain on base even if “out”
-All batters bat in the inning
-All players play in the field
Juniors: 6-7 Year Old
-Coach Pitch
-Four innings
-No Score kept
-Inning ends on three outs or nine batters
-10 Players in the field
Pre-Minor/Pinto: 8 Year old Boys
-Player pitches three inning and coach pitches three
-Ball & Strikes called
-Inning ends on three outs or nine batters
-Score is kept

Attention Head Coaches & Parents

WIA, in cooperation with the Winfield Park District, is pleased to announce the creation of an ATHLETC FIELD CONDITIONS website. This information is now posted daily on the home page of the Park District's website. When inclement weather conditions exist, visit www.winfieldparkdistrict.com . The information is on the center-lower section of the home page. The Park District will update the website twice daily when conditions are questionable. On weekdays, the first update will be posted by 11:00am, followed by a 4:00pm final update. On weekends, the first update will be posted by 7:00am and an additional update will be posted by 12:00 noon.

You will be informed that fields are either playable or not. In some cases you will be directed to use coaches discretion. Coaches are strongly encouraged to pass this information along to parents.