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WIA is located in Winfield, Illinois.

WIA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (includes Registration questions)

Winfield In Action (WIA) is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides baseball, softball and soccer programs for children in Winfield and surrounding communities. Soccer practices begin in mid August and the season runs from August 24th to October 19th (playoffs for the 8-10 and 11-13 leagues are 10/26 and 11/2). Baseball and Softball practices could begin in March and the season run late April to the end of June (Colt/Palomino starts later and runs through July).

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WIA Fall Soccer

Soccer schedule and results
Soccer standings
Soccer drills from the clinic (ages 8-13)

WIA registration is ALL on-line now. If your child's date of birth is in our database then your registration will be complete upon receipt of your payment. If your child's date of birth is not confirmed in our database then you will see a note next to the child's name online requesting that you send an email copy of the birth certificate to You will receive daily reminders to send the birth certificate until we have received it and confirmed it with the online information you provided. Your child's registration will not be activated until the birth cetificate confirmation and payment is complete.

Playoff Rules for 8-10 Boys

All WIA rules apply, but in addition, see below guidelines.
Highest seed picks side or kick off (Not a coin flip).

Rules for tie breaker penalty kicks (not during the run of the game)
Goalies can take penalty kicks.
Goalies must have their heels on the goal line until the kicker makes contact with the ball.
Ball must be placed at the top of the penalty box (large box).
The player taking the kick may only touch the ball once.
The goalie can touch the ball an unlimited number of times, until the ball goes out of bounces, the goalie fully gets control of the ball or the ball COMPLETELY crosses the goal line.
If the goalie has possession of the ball and steps into the mouth of the goal, but the ball does not completely cross the goal line, IT IS NOT A GOAL.
Call ups ARE excluded from penalty kicks.
If you are still tied after all eligible players have taken penalty kicks, then you start both teams back over with the first players who took a penalty kick and keep the original order.
Kicks are taken alternately by each team.
Players selected to take penalty kicks do not have to be on the field of play at the end of the overtime period.
Each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick.
Players (except the two goalies and the player taking the kick) must be in the center circle.
If, at the end of the match and before kicks start to be taken from the penalty mark, one team has a greater number of players than their opponents, they must reduce their numbers to equate with that of their opponents and the coach must inform the referee of the name and number of each player excluded.
Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark, the referee must ensure that an equal number of players from each team remains within the center circle and they shall take the kicks.
You can switch goal keepers between any PK kick.

Regular playoff games

Mini-games - 8-10 Division

PK Examples

Example 1 - regular PKs with no SUDDEN DEATH PKs
Team A scores 3 out of 5 penalty kicks
Team B scores 1 out of 5 penalty kicks
Team A wins.

Example 2 - regular PKs followed by SUDDEN DEATH PKs
Team A scores 1 out of 5 penalty kicks
Team B scores 1 out of 5 penalty kicks
Team A and B pick 5 new penalty kick takers
Player A6 scores and player B6 scores - still tied
Player A7 misses and player B7 misses - still tied
Player A8 misses and player B8 scores - Game over - Team B wins

Soccer Documentation (for the 2014 season)

Spots are available in all divisions. If you are interested in registering, please send an email to A late fee of $20 per family will be charged.

Anyone interested in refereeing soccer please send an email with your name, date of birth and contact information to All games will be on Saturdays so please indicate if you have any Saturday conflicts

Age as of September 1, 2014
4-5 coed soccer
6-7 coed soccer
8-10 girls soccer
8-10 boys soccer
11-13 girls soccer
11-13 boys soccer

WIA Spring Baseball and Softball


Minor, Major, TBall and Junior schedules are finalized. The other Baseball Schedules are coming soon. Only changes will be for rain-outs. Click the link below for schedules, rules, field locations, contact info, standings and game results.

Batting Cage Reservations
Winfield Wolverines Travel Softball
Winfield Wolves Travel Baseball

Baseball/Softball Divisions

4-5 (must be 4 by 3/1/13) T-ball (Coed)
6-7 years old by 7/31/13 Coed Juniors Baseball

8 years old by 7/31/13 Pre-Minors Baseball
9-10 years old by 7/31/13 Minors Baseball
11-12 years old by 7/31/13 Majors Baseball
13-14 years old by 7/31/13 Pony Baseball
15 & 16 (age as of 4/30/13) Colt Baseball
17 & 18 (age as of 4/30/13) Palomino Baseball

7-8 division (age as of 1/1/13) Girls Softball
9-10 division (age as of 1/1/13) Girls Softball
11-12 division (age as of 1/1/13) Girls Softball
13-14 division (age as of 1/1/13) Girls Softball

A family fee will also be charged once per calendar year.

Call Deb Moran with any questions at or

Scoreboard Controller Checkout Procedure for Glasshagel and Wynwood